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Supported by the French government’s Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA) to promote ecological and energy transition, the Eolmed pilot wind farm offers many advantages – including its location off the coast of Gruissan and Port – La Nouvelle.

Why and how was this area chosen?

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A governmental decision

Following consultations between 2014 and 2015, the French government identified 4 zones for developing a floating wind farm: one in the Atlantic and three in the Mediterranean, including off the coast of Gruissan.


Defined by Qair Marine

Selected in 2016 by the French government to implement the project, Qair Marine carried out comprehensive studies to precisely define the location of the 3 future wind turbines based on:

  • environmental specificities,
    to reduce the impact on underwater geology;

  • fishing activities,
    to limit socio-economic constraints for fishers;

  • technical constraints,
    to move away from the coastline while still capitalizing on optimal wind conditions and a gently sloping seabed.